If you want consistency and quality for your food service establishment, fresh cut produce may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Our products are uniform in size and weight, and are ready to add to any recipe. With over 300 fresh cut products available, Penny’s has something for you. Stop cutting produce and start cutting costs!

Benefits of Penny's
Fresh Cut Program

  • Cost Control: You know the true cost of your product.
  • Benefits: 100% natural produce uses no preservatives or additives while maintaining consistent quality and cut.
  • Space: 100% usable product takes up less space in your cooler.
  • Predictable Yield: You are able to order exactly what you need to reduce waste
  • Labor Cost: Washed and ready-to-eat products eliminate hidden costs and uncertain productivity.
  • Liability: Taking the knife out of the employee’s hands to minimize possible L&I claims. Pre-cut product helps to avoid in-house injuries.
  • Stable Cost: We have quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly pricing available to best fit your needs.
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Penny’s repack crew provides consistency and quality for your wholesale or food service establishment. Our repack line is equipped to handle truck loads of produce seven days a week. For customers looking for an outside re-packer, Penny’s will recondition your distressed produce into a usable product customized to your specifications.

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